" The GVDSS does not recommend or support various therapies, therapists, doctors, practitioners, etc. The only Board-approved partnership is with the Victoria Conservatory of Music for the Music therapy program. The GVDSS' mission is to be a support system for one another. It is left to individuals and families to determine the best services, therapies, doctors, and therapists for their particular needs and that fit their personal philosophies.
Become Involved

1) Become a member:

       To join is a 2 step process -

                FIRST -    DOWNLOAD the membership  form:        Membership form   (Note - you will need Acrobat Reader or similar)

                                When complete you can click send and it should open your email system to email it to us OR you can

                                print it (using CNTRL P) and mail with a cheque.  OR - if the click and send does not work, save it to your

                                desktop and email it to  WE ARE WORKING ON A BETTER SOLUTION!   


                SECOND -  Return here and pay using PayPal


Annual Membership


2) Join the Board or a committee


3) Propose an event, workshop, guest speaker, fundraiser, etc.


4) Volunteer opportunities (members and non-members)


1) Become a member



How do I become a member?
To join, or update your membership information, print and fill out the form, include a cheque (payable to the Greater Victoria Down Syndrome Society), and mail it to the address on the form.
PLEASE NOTE: Families new to the GVDSS automatically receive a free membership for that calendar year.

How much does it cost?
Annual Memberships fees are $25 per calendar year, and are due in December for the upcoming year.
Membership costs $25 per year; $10 goes to the GVDSS and $15 pays for a membership to the Canadian Down Syndrome Society.
You may include a donation as well with the membership application; these donations are tax deductible.

What are the benefits of a GVDSS membership?
•    Newsletters
•    Time sensitive information sent out via email or by phone
•    Access to the Music therapy program
•    Access to the GVDSS resource library
•    Social events including the monthly Ups Club
•    Applying for funds (for educational purposes)
•    Educational workshops and information sessions
•    Membership to the Canadian Down Syndrome Society
•    Networking with other families
•    Membership directory
•    Voting privileges at the Annual General Meeting
•    Standing for election to the Board
•    Participate in committees approved by the Board


2) Join the Board or a committee


If you are interested in becoming a Board member or being involved with a committee, please contact us




3) propose an event, workshop, guest speaker, fundraiser, etc.


The Board welcomes suggestions for events, workshops, guest speaker, fundraising ideas, etc. If you would like to propose an event, please email us. The Board will consider the proposal at its next meeting.






4) Volunteer opportunities (members and non-members)


There are always ways the GVDSS can benefit from the help of volunteers who are members as well as those who are not GVDSS members.


Support Those Who Support Us