About Us


The GVDSS membership includes individuals who have Down syndrome, as well as families, friends, advocates, peers, educators, and medical professionals. Together we provide information and understanding about Down syndrome, act as resources and supports for one another, and create a better understanding of diversity.

The GVDSS members are always busy making our communities a better place to live. We are proud affiliates of the Canadian Down Syndrome Society. Inclusion and community integration have always been a focus for our membership and, together with other community organizations like Community Living Victoria and Community Options For Children And Families Society, we are proud of the things we have achieved together, especially the ongoing success of our Code of Conduct and the strong advocacy demonstrated from within our membership.

We are also a registered charity (889134979RR0001).


The purposes of the Society (est. 1990) are:

  • to provide educational, vocational, and life enhancement assistance to people with Down syndrome;
  • to provide encouragement and support to families of persons with Down syndrome;
  • to enhance public awareness and understanding of Down syndrome; to carry on such other activities as are consistent with the foregoing purposes.